Essay on Corruption Free India for Children and Students

India faces the problem of corruption at various levels. This problem is eating our country internally. It is time each one of us must realise the negative impact of corruption on our country and contribute our bit to make our country corruption free. It is often said that Indian politicians are corrupt but that is […]

Essay on Fuel for Children and Students

Fuel is basically any substance that generates chemical or nuclear energy. Different types of fuels are used in different tasks. Some of these tasks include warming, heating, cooking, producing industrial goods, running machinery, etc. Fuels generate chemical and nuclear energy as heat. These are used to accomplish various tasks with ease. Petrol, diesel, LPG, wood, […]

Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees for Children and Students

Trees and plants are one of the main reasons why we are alive on this earth. They provide the life giving oxygen without which our survival on this planet is simply impossible. Besides this, there are various other benefits of planting trees. There are numerous benefits of planting trees. Some of the benefits they offer […]