Paragraph on Work is Worship – Long and Short Paragraphs

Worship signifies respect, regard, love and reverence. It also reflects purity, simplicity, honesty and truth. When we work, whether for ourselves, for another, for society or then for the nation, it can be treated as worship if we do it in a similar sentiment. When we consider work as worship it means we perform the […]

Paragraph on Natural Resources – Long and Short Paragraphs

Planet Earth is endowed with a number of natural resources. Natural resources refer to the resources that are available naturally without any effort or interference of man. Sunlight, air, water and earth are some of the natural resources on Planet Earth. These natural resources help keep up life. All life forms depend on these natural […]

Paragraph on Discipline – Long and Short Paragraphs

Discipline is a value to be inculcated in childhood. Discipline refers to punctuality, following of rules and being organised in every aspect of our life. This makes it easy to complete our different tasks and activities efficiently and achieve success easily. When we are disciplined we save time, and are more productive. Discipline helps us […]

Paragraph on Good Manners – Long and Short Paragraphs

Good manners are expressed by us through our behaviour and conduct. It is through our words and deeds that we show good manners. Being polite and courteous is good manners. Being rude and arrogant is a sign of having bad manners. A cultured person has good manners. A good mannered person is always appreciated and […]

Paragraph on Unemployment –

Paragraph on Unemployment Unemployment is a serious social and economic concern almost all over the world. It leads to many social ills. Unemployment is an issue that governments try to address. When unemployment rates fall many social ills also see a decline. When people are gainfully employed it leads to social and economic well-being in […]

Paragraph on Save Water – Long and Short Paragraphs

Humans need water to drink, and cook their food with. Water is needed for agriculture. We need water to maintain personal hygiene, and to keep our homes and surroundings clean. Many industrial processes too need water. Water is needed by all terrestrial life forms to drink. Animals also take a dip in the cool waters […]

Paragraph on Forest – Long and Short Paragraphs

Forests are nature’s boon to Planet Earth. Forests are made up of a variety of vegetation such as trees, plants, climbers, creepers, shrubs, bushes and grasses. Due to the great variety of floral species in a forest there is also a large variety of faunal species that inhabits it. Forests also have water bodies. Forests […]