Speech on Rainwater Harvesting in simple and easy words

Rainwater harvesting is an extremely important activity globally in the present times as the whole world is in a desperate need to conserve water and avoid its wastage so much so that our coming generation does not have to live in the scarcity of this natural resource. Since the subject has been so important, it […]

Speech on Disaster Management in simple and easy words

Disaster Management has received great importance in recent times. Disaster management is required to handle the natural calamity and disasters efficiently. Disaster management in some cases may not avert or avoid the situation, but it can certainly minimize the impacts. The indirect or direct effects of disasters, whether natural, man-made, industrialized or technological, are always […]

Speech on Earthquake in simple and easy words

Earthquakes take place in different parts of the world from time to time. An earthquake is a natural calamity and can be as devastating as a tsunami, famine or a flood. More often, natural calamities leave people astonished and anesthetized and make them helpless after it stops. You may be required to give speech on earthquake […]

Speech on Corruption Free India in simple and easy words

To live in Corruption Free India is a dream of every Indian. Isn’t it? Therefore, it’s such a glaring issue for our country that it becomes a centre of discussion for almost everyone – whether it’s our political leaders, news media, students or public for that matter. Keeping this in mind, we have covered here […]