Speech on APJ Abdul Kalam in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’ was born on 15 October 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Kalam’s life is a great motivation for several people especially for young students. You may be required to deliver speech on APJ Abdul Kalam at various occasions. We have shared some sample speech on […]

Speech on Technology in simple and easy words

[ad_1] The topic Technology is a very interesting subject to write on, especially when it is to be addressed in relation with the students. The need of technology arises everywhere – whether it’s in an educational institute, household, research centre or any multinational company. Moreover, teachers often ask their students to prepare speech on technology […]

Speech on Annual Day in School in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Every school celebrates Annual Day. And the Annual Day speech is of importance as it makes it important to acknowledge the achievement of all, include all those who worked hard and all the parents and guests too. A perfectly balanced speech makes a great impact. Annual days represent the day that is a mixture […]

Speech on Laughter is the best medicine in simple and easy words

[ad_1] It’s an irrefutable statement that laughter is the best medicine. When we know that with laughter we can gain so much, i.e. both mental and physical well-being and that to without investing anything, then why do we not adopt this laugher therapy in our lives? Therefore, to make people more and more aware about […]

Speech on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Who has not heard of this proverb, The Pen is Mightier than the Sword? It’s very easy to articulate thoughts on the same, but it carries a deeper significance which cannot be fathomed on a superficial plane. Therefore, to make our readers realize the profound significance that it carries, the speech on the pen […]

Speech on Human Rights in simple and easy words

[ad_1] The concept of Human Rights holds great significance in our lives, especially in today’s time when the exploitation of human beings is increasing day by day. The exploitation has been reported more than ever. To understand the basic rights of a human, it becomes necessary for the teachers to let students get themselves abreast […]

Speech on Deforestation in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Deforestation is a worse reality of the present times. Despite knowing the fact how important trees and forests are for the mankind, human beings are still continuing to cut down trees and clearing the forest land for building and construction. Publically, we often hear speeches on deforestation given by the leaders in order to […]

Speech on Swami Vivekananda in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Does Swami Vivekananda require an introduction? If not an introduction, but it is important to lay bare his acts of benevolence, great work for the upliftment of mankind and his propagation of Hinduism. If you wish to know more about this legendary person, then you can browse through our pages and study speeches on […]

Speech on World Heritage Day in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Celebrated every year on April 18, World Heritage Day is a day of great global importance. More so, India is a land replete with cultural, historical and religious artifacts, which draw a sense of wonder for the visitors and certainly makes every Indian feel proud of this valuable possession. Therefore, speech on world heritage […]

Speech on Politics in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Politics is a very commonly used term whether we talk about it in the context of political parties or in a broader framework. We often observe political leaders delivering a speech on politics while upholding their ideologies and thought processes. But, other than political leaders, students, teachers as well as social activist groups too […]

Speech on Agriculture in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Agriculture is certainly one of the most significant activities of a country as it not only feeds millions of people, but also contributes towards the overall growth of the GDP. At various social events, school or college functions, agriculture is a much talked about topic. In fact, for the government too, it’s a pertinent […]

Speech on Generation Gap in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Generation gap is unavoidable as wherever we go people from different times are bound to come together. So one should respect this generation gap and try to come to terms with it else there will be frictions everywhere. In the current scenario, where we find younger generation becoming exposed to an ultra modern outlook […]

Speech on Grandparents in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Grandparents Day is celebrated very fondly in every school and on this occasion the children give speeches in their morning assemblies. It is not just for the special days that the speech is given. Sometimes in the public gatherings where a lot is spoken about grandparents these special words are required to thank the […]

Speech on Importance of Adult Education in simple and easy words

[ad_1] The importance of adult education should not be undermined in the present times, especially when the world has become so modernized. The adult education should be imparted in each and every institution so that the youth of today doesn’t hesitate from discussing their innermost thoughts. We should favor adult education and encourage our government […]

Speech on Knowledge is Power in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Knowledge is Power – I am sure we all will agree to this fact! Even then the irony of the situation is that in our country the population of illiterate or semi-literate people is growing. Knowledge not only makes human being a rational creature, but also gives him/her enough power to control his/her surroundings […]

Speech on Rainwater Harvesting in simple and easy words

[ad_1] Rainwater harvesting is an extremely important activity globally in the present times as the whole world is in a desperate need to conserve water and avoid its wastage so much so that our coming generation does not have to live in the scarcity of this natural resource. Since the subject has been so important, […]