Fundraising Ideas for colleges

It’s college time. College is the place where we spend the best time of our lives. We learn new things and get to meet new people and share new experiences.cAt times we need certain funds to make few things happen in college, such as a college fest, or maybe other special events.etc As you’re in college, you don’t really know how to raise funds for these tasks.

Why spoil all the fun due to this? This is why we’ve got you top fundraising ideas that you can implement to raise funds for your needs. It can be for the annual college festival or a small event promoting talent. Some of the techniques mentioned can even be used to clear off your college debt.


Fundraising ideas for college students:

1) Fundraising through sales:

There can be a vast array of products you can sell to raise funds. Some of these products also can be procured from teachers and other students.

Plant Sales:

Students can approach nearby nurseries and ask them to donate, not by means of cash, but by means of the plants available there. These plants can later be sold by putting up a plant stall in your college to raise money. Plants can also be planted around your college to promote greenery. Alternatively, one can conduct plantation drives to raise awareness. Depends on one’s creativity.


Used Book Sale:

Let us say you’re studying in an engineering or a degree college. There are many courses and each course spans for a minimum of 3 years. Freshers who are joining the college can purchase books here. instead of spending their money purchasing an entire set of new books, they can purchase used books sold at a much lesser rate, which in turn benefits both the buyer and the seller. Similarly, It can be done in progression for the coming year.

Sometimes, they need not necessarily be books related to academics. Students can collect books from other students and teachers who are willing to contribute. They can then sell this via stalls and earn money.

2) Corporate funding:

Corporate funding is the fastest way to raise a huge amount of fund. If initiated correctly, corporates are more than willing to support college fests in exchange for their brands to be advertised during the fest. A student has to form teams to approach different corporates to raise funds. Corporates may be needing some info such as “Number of people attending the festival”, “Stall size in the festival” and the activities which will happen in the festival.etc

It requires thorough planning and good presentation skills to get corporate aide.

3) Collective fundraising from students:

Everyone is aware of this method. In fact, it is the most common method of the lot. Why collect funds from others when you have the capacity to raise funds from within the college. Engineering colleges usually have a strength of 3000+ students. If each student contributes 100 rupees, then it can raise a massive amount of money in no time.

Students must be instilled with the sense of responsibility and pride to contribute towards this cause. A few students may be unwilling, a cultural cell comprising of worthy students must be formed to instill this feeling among the fellow students.

4) Fundraising through intercollege events:

This can be made possible only if you have the required strength and capacity to conduct intercollege events. One must also keep in mind of the facilities the college has before conducting inter-college competitions. If you’re planning to conduct an intercollege basketball competition, you must have proper basketball facilities.

If you’ve got the backend ready, then form a team of extroverted people who will approach different colleges and interact with students present over there, and explain them about the fest and the competitions. Teams coming from other colleges can register themselves by paying a certain fee, depending on the prize you can offer.

In a similar fashion, you can install specific games in your computer labs and conduct gaming competitions.

The choices are endless.

5) Using Crowdfunding platforms:

In the past few years, crowdfunding has seen a significant amount of growth in countries like India. This is why one must leverage the potential various crowdfunding platforms have got.

As you’re a student, crowdfunding may be a tough task for you, but, it can be made easier by using various crowdfunding platforms like Crowdfunding India Milaap, Ketto.etc

It is simple, one must just signup as a fundraiser on these websites and put up their cause. The cause can be anything, to get funding for your annual college fest.etc and publish it with relevant pictures of your previous college fests. That’s it. The cause will be published and one can share the cause among their circle of friends and promote it on social media.etc

Crowdfunding college debt:

Due to the rapid increase in competition nowadays, colleges charge fees in lakhs per semester. At times, it can be difficult to pay such huge amounts. In those situations, a student can get scholarships which waive off the fee or can resort to crowdfunding. The student can upload his details in these fundraising websites and can explain his situation to raise funds from donors. Many college students in the past have cleared their college debt by this method. You can do it too!

These are the different ways which we’ve curated to raise funds for your college needs.

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